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Rapper In The Spotlight: YongYong

This time for our rapper in the spotlight we are diving into the career of an indie artist with a unique sound. Let’s talk about YongYong.

Na Hee-Soo (aka. YongYong) debuted under Mix in Media in 2017 with the single ‘Scribbling’, she followed this single with the track ‘Piercing’. 

She came back in 2019 with two releases, the first one was the single album ‘夜間自律 『autonomy』 TK-45’ and the single ‘A.E.D+’ featuring ASH ISLAND. For the first one, she dropped the title track ‘YAJA’, the music video for this release includes a very unique concept with storytelling through Web Cartoon. Watch it below.

First Mini-Album

YongYong started off 2020 with the release of the single ‘ASH & EMBER’. She followed up this single with the release of her first mini-album ‘Im your xYz’, this release includes features by the then emerging hip-hop artist ASH ISLAND, Kid Wine, Skinny Brown and Tommy Strate.

After the success of her first mini-album, she dropped her second mini-album ‘Vanillaryy’ with the title track ‘babe i hate me now’ featuring DAVII the following year.

The dual single album ‘RAIN STAR’ was her next release in 2021, including the songs ‘RAIN STAR’ and ‘Don’t worry, dear’ featuring NO:EL.  

Between 2022 and the beginning of 2023, YongYong came back with several singles including ‘Dying Every Second’ featuring Han Yo Han, ‘Xonata’ featuring GREE, the collaborative single ‘Binggrae’ with D-Hack, ‘Black Diaryy’ featuring ZENE THE ZILLA, and ‘Little Star’.

YongYong’s latest release was the extended play ‘Black Diaryy’, including features by Gist, Skinny Brown and others. 

You can listen to her discography here, and you can follow her on Instagram to get a sneak peak of her projects. 

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