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The boys from 8TURN are back after five months with their new mini-album ‘UNCHARTED DRIFT’. Let’s dive right in!


We start off with ‘WORLD’. According to the album introduction: “It tells the story of boys taking their first steps in the unknown world of WONDER WORLD and going on their first adventure to the forest of fireflies.” It’s a really cool rock moment with very plucky guitars and honestly it’s a really dope intro.

The title track is ‘EXCEL’. This is a blend of hip-hop and rock and it’s honestly pretty cool. I like the drive of the track and the vocals! This was a pretty fun listen!

‘WALK IT OUT’ is up next. According to the album description the track is “a hip-hop, urban, and dance genre song based on heavy drums and bass, and you can feel the powerful energy with the addictive chorus, the members’ unique rap, and melodic vocals.” It’s a vibe and the low rap verses have a lot of charisma.

The next track changes things up a bit. ‘SKETCH’ is a very bright track and has a lot of playful energy. In the song the members are comparing love in all its colors.

The closing song is ‘ING’. They continue with the happy sound and even added a cute whistle to it. This is playful, fun and a breath of fresh air. I liked it a lot!

Overall ‘UNCHARTED DRIFT’ by 8TURN is a lovely mini-album. Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify.

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