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[Recap] Queendom Puzzle – Episode 2

Last week ‘Queendom Puzzle’ left us absolutely intrigued with the up-down performances from the first episode, and we are thrilled to see how the positions in the tiers will change. 

This episode kicked-off with everyone having a little break and we got to see many cute interactions, totally wholesome. 

Up-Down Performances

After this well-deserved break we went straight into the rest of the performances. From tier 3, Yuri from Rocket Punch kicked off the stages performing ‘Heart Burn’ by SUNMI. Her stage was super smooth, and the backup dancer with the fans was a lovely and charming touch, she ended up getting 7 upvotes, 20 downvotes.

From the same tier and group, Yeonhee was next looking like a total Barbie, she performed ‘Dumb Dumb’ by Jeon Somi, the beginning of this performance was very feminine but it suddenly changed to a more femme fatale concept and a change of outfit too, this concept mis was a fantastic surprise factor, and the dance break incredible. Despite her little wardrobe malfunction she did an amazing job and received 12 upvotes and 15 downvotes.

Soeun of Weeekly from Tier 2, came up next and performed Seulgi’s solo song ‘28 Reasons’ and showed off her main dancer skills, she left the stage with 13 upvotes and 14 downvotes.

From the same tier and group Soojin, performed ‘Flower’ by Jisoo in a rearranged version adding a very interesting twist to the original song, this performance was full of charisma and she received 13 upvotes and 14 downvotes.

We went back to tier 3 with TripleS’ Seo Yeon, who we found out had zero days as a trainee, in a little flashback we see her believe that she would get zero upvotes due to her inexperience in the industry. She performed ‘Cherry Talk’ from TripleS x +(KR)ystal Eyes, and got 2 upvotes and 25 downvotes to her surprise.

From Tier 4 Miru, former member of NMB48, performed her original single ‘Shine Bright’. This stage was packed in charisma and strength, she ended with 5 upvotes and 22 downvotes.

Yuki from Purple Kiss in tier 2 followed up, she performed her debut trailer song ‘Who Cares’, her performance was fantastic and the dance break impactful, she ended with13 upvotes and 14 downvotes.

From tier 4 Lightsum’s Sangah performed CLC ‘BLACK DRESS’ and (G)I-dle ‘Tomboy’, this very cool performance ended up with her having 11 upvotes and 16 downvotes.

Back in tier 2, Yeeun (former CLC member) performed her solo single ‘Cherry Coke’, her performance was tight and aesthetically pleasing to watch, her movements were strong and stage presence amazing. She received 19 upvotes and 8 downvotes. 

Laboum’s Haein from Tier 2 performed her group’s single ‘Fresh Adventures’, adding a touch of soft bubblegum and angelic vocals to this episode, she mixed this single with the single ‘Between Us’, and ended this performance with the delicate dance break. She received 5 upvotes and 22 downvotes.

From Tier 2, Chaerin from Cherry Bullet performed ‘Bycicle’ by Chungha, she was very nervous and it showed slightly during her stage, despite this she ended up the performance with a lot of power and ended with 4 upvotes and 23 downvotes.

Elly from Weki Meki performed IVY’s ‘Sonata of Temptation’,  with a powerful performance and stable vocals, she also ended with 4 upvotes and 23 downvotes. 

From tier 1, JooE took the stage. We learned from the pre-performance recording that she prepared every single detail of this performance as an independent artist. She performed ‘24 Hours’ by SUNMI, in a sexy performance that left many in awe. Her performance ended and she was given 6 upvotes and 21 downvotes. 

H1-KEY’s Hwiseo from Tier 4 started her performance with a part from their hit single ‘Rose Blossom’. Then with a major switch up we get ‘TOMBOY’ originally by (G)I-DLE. The vocals were really stable and she had a crazy amount of charisma. Her score was 23 upvotes and 4 downvotes. 

For the last performance we got to see Kei from Lovelyz. She sang ‘Destiny’ by Lovelyz.

The performance was mesmerizing and the dancers really created a majestic scene. It was absolutely stunning. She received 18 upvotes and 9 downvotes. 

New Tiers

The new Tier 4 members are JooE, Miru, Haein, Elly, Woo Yeon, Chaerin and Seo Yeon. 

Tier 3 consists of Suyun, Yeonhee, Sang Ah, Do Hwa, Riina, Yuri and Ji Woo.

Tier 2 consists of Kei, Ji Han, ZOA, Fye, So Eun, Soo Jin and Yuki. 

Tier 1 now consists of Bora, Yeoreum, Jiwon, Hwiseo, Chae Yeon, Nana and Ye Eun.

That concludes the first battle. 

Just like the teaser showed last week, the members got an envelope with everyone who upvoted and downvoted them. Some of the participants decided not to open the envelope. Others really wanted to see it. 

Next Battle

We enter Puzzle Studio and get introduced to all the different lounges. 

The new battle is a 7 on 7 battle. They’ll be four teams and will each have to make a performance video. The members of the winning team will each gain 10 000 points. 

The first song is ‘Charismatic’ written by Michello Cho who is a singer-songwriter.La Chica, the dance crew created the choreography.

Producer Ryan Jhun created ‘Snap’ written by Kim Ea Na. The choreographer is Choi Young Jun. 

Each song can be chosen by 14 members and they’ll form the groups from there. A few members have a special power in the Puzzle Room. They can form and switch the group’s members. Bora from Rocket Punch has the Puzzle’s Power. 

Bora chose the song ‘Snap’. Yeoreom also chose the song. Jiwon chose ‘Charismatic’ which means she gets the power to set up her own team. 

This was the line-up with all of the participants choosing the track they wanted to perform.

After the choices, Bora and Jiwon went to the puzzle room to pick their own seven member group. Each track will have two teams. 

Bora and Jiwon were being live streamed while they were making their decisions.

This is the final line-up of each group. 

That concludes episode 2 of ‘Queendom Puzzle’. We’ll see you next week!