Photo Credits: Hi-Lite Records

Rapper In The Spotlight: Jerd

For this week’s rapper in the spotlight we want to share the career of a self-produced rapper with amazing potential and talent. Let’s chat about Jerd. 

Jung So-yeon (Jerd) debuted independently in 2019 with the EP ‘Too Many Egos’. For this release she produced and wrote the lyrics of all the tracks. Check the music video for her title single ‘Love yourself’ below. 

After her debut EP, she dropped the single ‘IWBB’, this song is packed with smooth lo-fi hip-hop beats and really cool slightly autoned vocals. Check the music video below. 

Before debuting independently she had already released a couple of tracks on Soundcloud. Check them below and get ready to discover some incredible music gems. 

Hi-Lite Records

In 2020, Jerd joined Paloalto’s agency Hi-Lite records and released the single ‘Black Sheep’, below you can check out part of the meaningful lyrics of this single:

“(…)I don’t know what’s right
Set a table for your thoughts
After making something out of love,
Put it in a container without tasting it
You’re not the one who’s missing me
It’s your job to fix me
That’s why I don’t know myself (…)”

Lyrics: KpopLyrics

In 2021, she released her first album ‘A.M.P.’, entirely written by her. This album includes some incredible features including Samuel Seo, Paloalto and DON MALIK.

For this album she released a short film. You can check it below and get a preview of each song included in this incredible album. 


Jerd has been featured in many singles, including the well-known ‘AUTOMATIC REMIX’, below you can check a few of our favourite collabs. 

Follow Jerd on Instagram for updates on her music and dive into her releases here. Keep an eye on her music, we are sure we will get a lot more music in the future. 

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