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Label Deep Dive: Hi-Lite Records

For this week’s label deep dive we are talking about a very relevant label in the hip-hop scene. Let’s talk about Hi-Lite Records. 

Hi-Lite Records started as a cooperative project by Jungle Entertainment and Paloalto, who was already affiliated to this company. It was officially founded in March 2010. 

Paloalto’s extended play ‘Lonely Hearts’ was the first record released under this newly formed label. 

Since its creation, this label has signed artists such as B-Free, Keith Ape, Okasian, Sway D, YunB, among many others who aren’t part of the agency anymore. 

However, currently the agency is home to six soloists including Paloalto and two hip-hop groups, formed by the artists in the label. 

Current Artists

  • One of the first current members signed was Huckleberry P in 2011.
  • In 2013, Reddy joined Hi-Lite Music
  • In 2018, the producer Yosi followed up.
  • Swerby was next in 2019, followed by Owell Mood, Soovi and Jerd in 2020.
  • Ash-B was signed by the agency in 2021. 

Collaborative projects 

In 2013 Hi-Lite records released the compilation album ‘Hi-Life’, including the artist that were signed in the agency at that moment. 

Their next compilation project was ‘Legacy’ in 2020. However, between the years 2018 and 2019 the singles ‘Break Bread’ and ‘#Air2019’ were also released. 

To check on their latest release head over to their Youtube page, and for the latest news about artists under this label check out their Instagram

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