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Rapper In The Spotlight: Huh

In this week’s rapper in the spotlight we are going indie with a rapper that has been steadily growing his career and expanding his sound and fanbase. Let’s dive into Huh’s career.

Heo Sung-hyun (aka. Huh) debuted independently in 2019 with the single ‘Number 1’, during this same year he also briefly participated in the season 8 of the survival show ‘Show Me The Money’ (SMTM) with the alias Rose de Penny.

After his debut he was scouted by the agency Talented and released the single ‘Cliche’ in 2020, he tried on once again participating in SMTM for its 9th season. He successfully passed the first few rounds but wasn’t successful making it to the final ones. Check below a few of his performances.

In 2021 he released one of his most well-known collabs ‘Viral Cypher 1’ with Kim Addict, XS and Turner Lee. 

During this same year he signed with Amoeba Culture, and released the single albums ‘uh uh’, ‘Business Boy’, and the single ‘MBT’.

First Album

For the 11th season of SMTM, Huh this time advanced to the last rounds of this survival show, for this one he did not only make it and become one of the finalists and runner-up, but he also showed his musical growth through several very memorable stages. Check them below.

After a very successful participation and having gained a lot of attention from the public, Huh released the single ‘DDKD’, and dropped his first full length album ‘926’, including features by THAMA, MIRANI, Gwanjil Jo, and many more. 

Huh’s latest release is the single album ‘Midnight law’, released in early 2023. 

To dive into his discography, make sure to check his Spotify profile here, and for updates and cool photos check his Instagram

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