CRAXY’s challenge to the term “Nugu Group” [MUSIC&NEWs vol.25]


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March 23, 2023

Don’t overlook the nugu group ever! 

It’s quite shocking that a 4th generation girl group used the straightforward expression ‘nugu’ on their title song. ‘Nugu’ is used by the K-pop fans to refer to less popular idol groups. CRAXY‘s ‘NUGUDOM’ sends a message towards the people who look down on the nugu groups!

As (G)-Idle did with ‘Nude’ to combat the sexualization of the K-pop industry shown on internet, the google search result page of ‘craxy nugu’ is now filled with their new release ‘NUGUDOM” instead of the tweets mocking CRAXY, calling them a nugu group.

CRAXY’s live performance is insane, so you must check it right away!

?Click here to listen.

⬆️Karin from CRAXY slayed the ‘Rover’ challenge with Kai! (KaRin’s oufit?❤️) The video has hit 1M view already!️️

[The days and nights of spring]

Lee Jung Kwon

March 29, 2023

The ‘Salmon Master’ is back!?

Lee Jung Kwon’s performance on KBS talent show <National Song Festival> has hit 5M views on YouTube. The song he chose was ‘Like the Salmon That Tracing Up the River’ and this made his name as ‘Salmon Master’. A rumor(?) that he is controling the wind was made there? Lee recently appeared on JTBC <Sing Again>, took the 5th place by receiving much love and support.

For those who remember him as a ‘salmon master’ who was just a participant that was attending university, they would’ve never known he could also write and compose by himself. Check the new release ‘I’ll be your everything’, self produced by Lee Jung Kwon.

?Click here to listen.

⬆️L️ee Jung Kwon’s legendary performance on KBS <National Song Festival>! Seems like he can control the wind?️

[Love Revolution Original Webtoon Soundtrack]

Various Artists

March 22, 2023

Adieu, Love Revolution!

Webtoon “Love Revolution”, which took the No.1 spot on Naver’s Thursday Webtoon section for 10 years, is coming to an end this April. The OST album with 37 tracks, including unreleased sound tracks, will be released to commemorate the finale of the series.

Are you ready to say goodbye to ‘Gong Joo-young’ and ‘Wang Ja-rim’??

?Click here to listen.

– Here are the most loved soundtracks!

? Shin Ye Young – I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye
? Kim Kyoung Rok – Sand Castle
? J_UST, MION – Love Revolution
? paulkyte – Hollow Wood


Adios Audio

March 24, 2023

Adios Audio started their career by performing at various venues including Busan International Rock Festival, and debuted in 2016 by releasing the single ‘Bam Bam Bam’.

The harmony between solid piano melodies and emotional top lines is the band’s identity. Check one of the most popular single ‘Make One’s Way’ here. The frontwoman MAHO reminds me of the most influential band ‘Jaurim’’s Kim Yoon-Ah. Her charismatic performance and powerful vocals are iconic!

The new single [Ping] is the first album released in two years since [The Guide for Tomorrow]. Check how the band expresses the sense of melancholy.

?Click here to listen.

Check more ‘MUST-LISTEN-TO’ indie releases here!

?sucozy – Unchanged

?Hani – if young people don’t listen to you anymore

?ADYNE – Sketch

?HANUM – warming

by murmoom

⬆️Dance to the DNB beat!