Photo Credits: The Dial Music

Label Deep Dive: The Dial Music

In our final Label Deep Dive of 2023, we turn the spotlight toward a burgeoning agency that holds a treasure trove of musical promise – The Dial Music.

A sub-label under the independent music powerhouse UNCUTPOINT, The Dial Music was envisioned and brought to life by BIGONE in 2022. Currently housing three rising stars, this label is making waves with its distinctive approach to talent cultivation.

BIGONE, the visionary behind this independent sub-label, took the helm as the inaugural artist. His premiere release under The Dial Music, the single ‘Windy Day‘ featuring JAY B, set the stage for the label’s unique sonic journey. 

The roster expanded with the addition of DOHANSE, a VICTON member seeking new horizons after parting ways with his former record label. Under The Dial Music banner, he gifted the world with the single album ‘Gummy Bear,’ showcasing a new chapter in his musical evolution.

The most recent luminary to join The Dial Music is Dive, a rising indie star who, although yet to release solo works under the label, has made a mark by contributing to BIGONE’s latest single alongside fellow label mates.

What sets The Dial Music apart is its unparalleled style. The current artists exhibit a distinctive sound and vibe, promising a musical journey like no other. As we stand on the beginning of a new year, the resonance of The Dial Music’s unique melodies and the promise of more groundbreaking releases echo in the air. Keep an ear to the ground for this rising label.

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