Photo credit: August Frogs

[Offstage] August Frogs

We’re back with a new Offstage and this time we’re taking a closer look at August Frogs. Even if you have never heard of the name, you’ll have seen some of their products. 

August Frogs is a visual lab that creates music videos and photoshoot campaigns. The director is Kim Sehee (aka Korlio) and the firm has been around since 2014. 

The first music video I could find directed by Korlio is ‘So Many Girls’ by Okasian, Reddy, Kid Ash & Korli.

August Frogs stayed within hip-hop and R&B for a while.

But the K-pop scene was also no stranger to them.

MINX you might know today as Dreamcatcher today.

We can’t forget about this ICONIC track by Simon Dominic.

Their most recent project was the title track for the band LUCY which we wrote about here.

This is only a small collection of their projects. The list is very long and it houses a lot of big names. 

It’s kind of iconic and insane that they’ve created so many much-loved music videos. I like how they smoothly move from hip-hop to pop and they create fun, interesting projects for each artist they’re involved with. 

It’s great.

Go ahead and follow them on their Instagram here.

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