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[Review] D.O. – Expectation

EXO’s D.O. is back with his second mini-album ‘Expectation‘. At the beginning of this month he released the single ‘I Do‘ and gave fans a glimpse of this release. We expect nothing soft lyrics and soulful music.

Let’s start.


Beginning with the title track ‘Somebody‘ we go full on romantic with a single talking about find honest and pure love. The melodic lines in this song along with the lovely instrumentation make it a fantastic listen, D.O’s singing is as we expected emotional and effortlessly soft. For the music video we get an adorable love storyline, with simple sequences full of wholesomeness and two people fall in love, the colors, concepts and flow of this music video is amazing. Watch it below.

With ‘Wonder‘ we go into folk music with an acoustic feel and a snappy guitar perfect to jam at. This song is cheerful and lighthearted, definitely an easy listen to lift the mood and spirits. Next up is the pre-released single ‘I Do’, we already wrote about this song, check it here.

On a more emotional note ‘Lost‘ plays next to take you through the feels with an impressive arrangement. D.O’s goes off in this song with his vocals and we get sharp high tones, and a lot of passion.

Ordinary Days‘ plays along to bring comfort to listeners through solid but calm singing, filled with splendid acoustic orchestration, back vocals and a soft tempo. In ‘The View‘ we go indie, with an acoustic pop track, warm vocals, and beautifully deliver lyrics, this song is a beautiful listen, and D.O’s tone took our breath away, the electric guitar and tambourine in the outro just elevated the feel of this single even more and made it just epic.

Last in this mini album is the acoustic version of ‘Lost’, and we this one we get to appreciate D.O’s vocals even more.

D.O delivered an non-skip mini-album filled with wonderful music, make sure to listen to this mini-album here.

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