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[Offstage] APRO

Music is the topic for this week’s Offstage, we are diving into the career of one trendy producer, with smooth beats and a lot of creativity. Let’s talk about APRO.

Min Dong-wook (aka. APRO) debuted in 2014 with Basterd with the single ‘Bad News’. This Hip Hop duo was active until 2016, if you haven’t heard about them, check a couple of their singles below. 


His alias APRO is a short for “a producer”. In an Interview with The Korean Herald he explained that the system in the entertainment industry was “(…) more complicated than expected or could endure (…)”, and decided to do music independently and expanding into producing for others.

After finishing his activities as part of Basterd, he re-debuted with his new name with the single ‘I.D.L.Y’ in 2016.

The following project he released was the series ‘Animar’ between 2016 and 2018, including the three releases ‘ANIMAR 1st EXHIBITION’ and ‘ANIMAR SECOND EXHIBITION DOUBLE SIDEDNESS ‘양면성’’ part 01 and part 02. 

In 2017 he joined DPR LIVE as a producer for the single ‘Right Here, Right Now’, this single gave him a lot of visibility in the industry, and led him to work with many other artist including PENOMECO, pH-1, and many more. After finishing his project ‘Animar’, in 2019 he teamed up with Leellamarz for the collaborative album ‘[LEELLAMARZ] IS DIFFERENT’. 


In 2020, APRO was recruited by Colde for his label Wavy, his first single with this agency was ‘ENTER’, part of the Omnibus Series 2020. 

Between 2021 and 2022, APRO released several singles which compiled in one album in 2022 in ‘Avenue’, this release includes features by SOLE, youra, pH-1, BIBI, Colde, wave to earth and many more. 

He shared in an interview that this album represented his vision and himself, through music that expresses through sound what his features wanted to express in their lyrics. This album has a fantastic vision and beautifully done musicality, below you can listen to a few of our favourite singles.

APRO is a producer with a unique vision and a lot of talent, he explores different dimensions through his compositions, making them unique and an experience to listen to. 

To listen to a few unofficially released singles and gems, check his Soundcloud, and you can follow him on Instagram for updates and aesthetics.  

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