Photo Credits: A2Z Entertainment

CSR is back with their first single album ‘Sequence : 17&’

Rookies group CSR released their first single album ‘Sequence : 17&‘. With this release they are closing off the debut era which was all about being seventeen and emotions felt at that age.

This single album starts off with the title track ‘Love TiCON (♡TiCON)‘ and a very cute a fresh style. The sound, production and vibe of this single is completely different to their debut one, with an up-beat pop track and a touch of bubblegum. This single will have listeners jamming. Its hook is super catchy, and the harmonisation and concept just sweet.

Following the same style, the music video follows the members in high school, being teens and feeling thrilled and excited about the emotions of their first love. The choreography of this single is absolutely adorable, and the colours and production super fun. Watch it below.

Anding (&)‘ is next in this single album, with this ballad dedicated to the CSR fans, the members express their emotions through beautiful singing, harmonisation and a very pretty instrumentation.

We are looking forward to listen to what eighteen will bring for CSR. They are definitely growing their audience and improving in every comeback. Check this release here.

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