[Offstage] SIM2

In this week’s Offstage we are sharing the career and works of a producer that crafts tunes like no other. His music has a special calming feeling, with its steady flow and chill vibe. Let’s talk about SIM2. 

Music, soul and beats

SIM2 (aka. Park Byung Gyu) has a fairly lengthy list of releases on his own since his debut in 2019. As a composer/producer he has over two hundred song credits and has been very active in the Indie music scene collaborating with Austn, Maguro, kenessi, Claire Hau, Aden, among many others artists.

He started producing in 2017, releasing his tracks and collabs in his Soundcloud. For some very cool tracks with a very refreshing and unique vibe check his profile, it is packed with gems that deserve a lot more attention. 

In 2018 he formed the producing team WavyCake, along with Privacy, this duo released the mixtape ‘midnight.’. You can listen to this release here.

His debut EP was released in 2019, ‘M–d’ included the vocals of SWRY, Oh Chang-eun, Lockda, Brick and Kang Dana, followed by the single album ‘Noir’ the same year.

2020 was a very busy year for SIM2, he released ten single albums featuring vocals of Griffy, Kang Dana, Kenessi, Austin, Rovv, JUNNY and Hauzee, among many others. 

SIM2 releases have very minimalistic lo-fi beats, including acoustic instrumentation for some of the singles. This mix makes his music uniquely chill, calming and rather sentimental in some cases.  Below you can listen to a few of our favourite releases. 

Latest projects

So far this year, he has released almost twenty productions, with the vocals of indie artists; Aden, Austin, floryy, Lokid, Aden and Maguro, and many more. He has kept his signature sound that goes back and forth between chill Hip-Hop and smooth R&B. 

Below you can check out a few of these singles. 


SIM2 is a regular producer for SOUND PALETTE and KozyPop. These two channels mainly release collabs with indie artists mostly in the hip-hop and R&B scene.

You can listen to SIM2 releases here, and follow him on Instagram for updates on his music and cute pics. 

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