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Korean Hip-Hop/R&B DisKovery – September 2023

Welcome back to our monthly Hip-Hop and R&B DisKovery, where we unearth hidden musical gems that have captivated our ears with their unique sounds and concepts. This month’s selection promises a diverse array of musical experiences to delight every taste. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the musical treasures we’ve discovered for September.

Kicking off this month’s list is the indie sensation, Purynn. While she’s been making music for a few years, her latest single album, ‘Zzz..,’ has truly caught our attention. With two soulful singles featuring the enchanting vocals of Jay Moon and Vincent Blue, this release offers a soothing and melodious experience. Don’t miss out; immerse yourself in this enchanting sound here.

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Our next R&B discovery is LONE, an artist who’s been crafting his music for some time. His latest EP, ‘Nothing Everlasts,’ stands out with its acoustic vibes, delicate arrangements, and heartfelt emotions. Prepare to be moved by this incredible musical journey here.

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GROOVL1N’s latest artist, Suen, shines bright with her EP ‘New Moon.’ Despite her recent debut, her career is blossoming with fantastic tunes and impressive collaborations, featuring artists like Paloalto, Sik-K, and more. Dive into this musical journey packed with surprises here.

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Shifting our focus to hip-hop, we present IndEgo Aid and his latest album, ‘EEP: EARTH EVERLASTING POETRY.’ His unique blend of rap and instrumental elements creates a captivating vibe that’s seriously underrated. Give this album a spin and let its energy flow through you. Check this album here.

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Our final artist in the spotlight is the emerging rapper Street Baby, who graces us with the album ‘Street Love.’ Packed with vibey tunes and impressive collaborations featuring artists like Leellamarz, Wonstein, Gist, and more, this album offers a fresh and exciting listening experience, make sure to check it out here

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Thank you for joining us on this musical journey, and we hope you’ve discovered some new favorites. For even more exciting tunes and updates, don’t forget to follow our Spotify profile. Until next time, keep the music playing! ?