Photo Credits: The K M.E.A.L

Dream Perfect Regime Tour

Last night the DPR gang visited Brussels with their DPR Regime tour. They chose to perform in the very cute venue that is La Madeleine right in the city center. We at M.E.A.L. managed to snag two tickets to the sold out concert. 

The show started off strong with a set by the one and only DPR Cream, after hyping up the crowd with his epic mixes we jumped right into DPR LIVE’s (aka. Dabin) set, and we can tell you right off, it was EPIC.

Photo Credits: The K M.E.A.L


Dabin’s part of the show started with ‘Legacy’, which was followed up with ‘S.O.S’, ‘Neon’ and ‘To Whoever’. With a very strong start his set just got better and better as it played.

With a mix of his well-known and loved songs and newer ones DPR LIVE created a set-list perfect to hype up the public, engage and just have everyone having the times of their life. He included legendary tracks including ‘Know Me’, ‘Cheese and Wine’, ‘Laputa’, ‘Jasmine’, ‘Martini Blue’ and ‘Text Me’, mixed with singles from his latest EP.

From this 2021 release ‘IITE COOL we got ‘Venus’, ‘Yellow Cab’, ‘Summer Tights’ and ‘Hula Hoops’, mixed with songs from his more experimental but nonetheless awesome 2020 album ‘IS ANYBODY OUT THERE’.

He ended after one hour of adrenaline, jumping, and just hyping up with the track ‘Set it off’ with DPR CLINE. 

Dabin’s setlist was nothing but flawless, and his stage presence, engagement with the crowd and energy was peak. A total legend. 


For the second half of the show DPR IAN took over and showed off his dancing and performing skills in a well-rounded and super cool set.

Starting off with ‘So Beautiful’, DPR IAN had already the crowd singing along with his solo debut single. Moving on we got to listen to the songs ‘MOOD’, ‘Dope Lovers’, ‘Miss Understood’, ‘AVALON’ and an epic electric guitar solo for his single ‘Calico’.

His set-list continued on, with cool outfit changes and stage effects, DPR IAN had the crowd singing their lungs out with his song, and also managed to show his dance moves and incredible vocal power. 

Other songs included in this second half were ‘Sometimes I’m’, ‘1 Shot’, the epic ‘Scaredy cat’, ‘Ribbon’, ‘Mr. Insanity’, ‘Seraph’, ‘Winterfall’, ‘Nerves’, ‘Ballroom Extravaganza, and ended on a high note with ‘No Blueberries’ alongside DPR LIVE.


The show reached its end with the crowd screaming “DPR WE GANG GANG!”, and the DPR team set off to close this show with the single ‘To Myself’. This song has some sort of power in its beats, the fans went wild, and we are sure a couple of them woke up to no voice after this concert sing-along. 

Photo Credits: The K M.E.A.L

DREAM PERFECT REGIME TOUR was full of incredible music, solid set lists and a really cool vision for its set visuals. We would have loved seeing a bit more of them, as parts of the show were quite hard to have a full view of the concept mainly due to the space and its use thereof. It also would have been cool to see DPR IAN and DPR LIVE mix their stages a bit more as opposed to them having their own solid, straight set. 

We absolutely loved the creativity and effort for this tour, and the powerful engagement with the public. We know the next time we see them they will rock even more!