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DPR LIVE is back with his new mini-album ‘IITE COOL’. Let’s dive right in because I have very high expectations since his previous release ‘DPR ARCHIVES’.


We start off with the single ‘VENUS’. We’re getting smooth and sexy R&B. The ‘papi’ had me straight up cackling. Maybe don’t play this in the car with your parents. The bridge has some very cool distorted sounds.

After that we have the title track ‘Hula Hoops’ featuring Hwa Sa and Beenzino. This song is straight up fire. We get a more Hip-Hop oriented track with some sick beats and awesome rapping. Beenzino blended seamlessly into the track. The hook is catchy as hell! Hwa Sa’s vocals in the bridge were next level. Overall, this is a 10/10.

Check out the music video.

‘Summer Tights’ is DPR LIVE’s favorite track of the EP. This track gives us some grooviness! That guitar is completely going off in the bridge. The flow changes constantly and it’s just a straight up vibe.

Next up is ‘BOOM’ and has a feature of DPR IAN. The falsetto rapping is hella cool.

After that comes the pre-released single ‘Yellow Cab’. We wrote about this track here. I’ve been replaying that song since it came out. It’s still an absolute banger of a song.

Here’s the music video again.

We close off with the track ‘Awesome!’ Another straight up bop. The electric guitar in the back is super cool and I really enjoyed the flow of the rap mixed with the laid back instrumentals.

‘IITE COOL’ by DPR LIVE is a really fun listen and I’m very impressed. I think this release is going to be timeless and an enjoyable listen even in a couple of years.

You can find the mini-album ‘IITE COOL’ on Spotify here.

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