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[Review] AleXa – Girl Gone Vogue

After winning ‘American Song Contest‘ and now touring in the states, our girl AleXa, is back with her new mini-album ‘Girl Gone Vogue‘. For this release she participated in the writing of some singles, and has a very impressive list of collaborators, producers and features.

We absolutely love seeing the growth of AleXa’s music career, and we are thrilled to listen what she has prepared for this release.

Let’s dive in.

Girl Gone Vogue

Starting off we get ‘Star‘ featuring MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul. With this single AleXa shows a more sweet side of her vocals, in a very soft pop style with lovely and wholesome instrumentals. With the same slow paced and soft vibe, Moonbyul delivers her rap verses. The tone of their vocals really complement each other, and make this single a charming and very cute listen.

Back In Vogue‘ is the title track for this release and it goes to a more noir and retro style. Alexa’s rapping is hella dope, and the influence from jazz and hip-hop in this track is a super interesting and surprising. This song is a very cool listen and a totally new sound for AleXa, and she rocked it.

For the music we get some insane visuals and special effects, from the outfits to the concepts this video is peak aesthetic. The full lot is just an amazing watch, captivating and entertaining. Watch it below.

We go a bit more playful with ‘Endorphin’. This pop single brings a lot more youthful and energetic tunes, and really reminded me of the type of single a third gen idol group would release as its debut track, with its girl crush feel and sweet singing. Absolutely adorable.

Next up

BLACK OUT’ shows off the AleXa we all know and love. There’s power and confidence in every single second. The backing vocals in this song are amazing and the change of beats and instrumental addition in some parts of the track are fantastic. This track is a total hype tune! The way Alexa shows off her vocal dynamics in this song is awesome. A total queen.

Last on the release is the single ‘Please Try Again‘, with an R&B/EDM mix that is heavenly. This single is an amazing listen! It is smooth, soft and charming. The vocals are rich and the flow absolutely incredible.

Last on this mini-album is the instrumental version on the title track ‘Gone Vogue‘. With this mini-album we felt the growth of AleXa’s music style. The diversity of genres and vibes are fantastic and it is an amazing listen.

Check this release here, and listen to her previous single here.

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