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Label Deep Dive: Dream Perfect Regime

We’re back with a new Label Deep Dive where we take a closer look at a record label, this time we’re taking a look at Dream Perfect Regime. 

As they write on their website: “DPR is a multi-genre music and video group. We create, direct, produce and edit all types of visual work as well as curate artists that derive from various musical backgrounds. We are based in Seoul and our goal is to engage all audiences by actualizing a distinctive audiovisual experience.”

If you’re familiar with the label and its artists, you’ll recognize how spot-on the description is. DPR artists are known for their insanely well produced music videos. 

Currently there are three artists under the label. There’s DPR Live, DPR Ian and DPR Cream. Together with DPR Rem, they are also the four founders.

Let’s start with Christian Yu or DPR Ian. He is a soloist and is the chief editor of the music videos that come out of the label. 

He did this really fun collab with Adobe.

Here is his latest music video.

DPR Live or Hong Da-bin is a super cool rapper. We wrote about him earlier here.

DPR Rem or Kim Hyung-mo is a producer, composer and also has some solo works. 

There’s literally an insane amount of talent in this label and next week, we’re lucky enough to see them on their world tour DPR Regime. 

Go ahead and check out the Dream Perfect Regime Instagram page here

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