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[Review] La Poem – The Alchemist

Opera group La Poem is back with their new mini-album ‘The Alchemist’. We’re super stoked because the quartet always delivers with their storytelling, their insane vocals and touching lyrics. Let’s take a closer look!

The Alchemist

We start the mini off with ‘Find The Light’. Right from the bat, I’m hooked. The sparse instrumentation leaves you at the edge of your seat and then when the high vocal comes in, I was ready to lift off. La Poem really knows how to play with tension. This is literally so stunning.

‘The Fire’ is next and is also the title track of this release. In the lyrics they’re overcoming hardships by lighting a fire in their hearts. In the music video they’re teaming up to confront a mobster. The MV really said budget. It’s super stylish and the shots are beautiful.

The ‘ra pum pum’ part begs to shout along to and aggressively beat your chest while on a pile of your victims.

The following track ‘Anchor’ was pre-released. This is a beautiful ballad with stunning harmonies. Turn the captions on if you want to be brought to tears.

‘We’ll Stay’ was written for the fandom; LA VIEW. The sweeping violins instantly set the tone. The track describes walking with a friend in a harsh desert and to be honest that is such a beautiful image and way to describe a fandom.

The closing track is ‘BLAST’. We’re going alt rock for this one. The intro reminded me so much of the intro music for the series ‘Charmed’. This is such a vibe! I love it! I desperately need to hear this live to feel its full power. June One from the band Glen Check helped with the instrumentation.

Overall ‘The Alchemist’ by La Poem is a great mini-album with a variety of tones and genres without losing their special touch.

Go listen to it here on Spotify.

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