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Xdinary Heroes introduces ‘Boy Comics’

The rock band Xdinary Heroes is back the single ‘Boy Comics’ which launches their special project ‘Xperiment Project’.

This project is where they take the “first step toward escaping the virtual world and overcoming the walls of reality.”

There are two tracks on this single album ‘Open Beta v6.1’. There’s the title track ‘Boy Comics’ which is a super cool alternative metal single which “vividly depicts a scene from a cartoon using only hearing. A song that lets you feel the upgraded, heavy and powerful sound along with Xdinary Heroes’ unique boyish charm.”

The second track is ‘XH_winds_75′ which is an instrumental outro of about 28 seconds. It could have been a full single which would have been rad.

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Check out the single ‘Boy Comics’ by Xdinary Heroes on Spotify here.

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