The brother-sister duo AKMU is back with their latest mini-album ‘LOVE EPISODE’. We’re beyond stoked, because AKMU keeps raising the bar. Let’s dive in!


We start off with the track ‘Hero’. This is such a lovely title track. The Latin guitars, the twinkling piano and the great instrumental layering create a super nice listening experience. The vocals are fantastic and I love this soft little moment. The hook is catchy and will have you ‘shooby dooby love to you’-ing.

Next up is ‘Long D’. This is a cute pop track with rich guitars. The soft rock sound is great and the abrupt end signifies the frustration of the speaker.

After that comes ‘Peace of Cake’. We’re being introduced to some synths in this one. I enjoyed the play on words and the pretend eating. That was adorable. The deep voice had me cackling, I was quite surprised. The French at the end was a delightful little surprise, a bit like the cherry on top. This track feels quite like the quintessential AKMU.

‘Answer Me’ is a cute pop track with a fun layering. The piano in the instrumentals is very staccato and brings a cool beat to the track.

The next two tracks, ‘Love Lee’ and ‘Fry’s Dream’ were pre-released. We wrote about them here.

You can listen to ‘LOVE EPISODE’ by AKMU on Spotify here.

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