Photo credits: JYP

Xdinary Heroes drop ‘LOVE and FEAR’

The boys from Xdinary Heroes are back with the digital single ‘Open ♭eta v6.2’ which contains the two singles ‘LOVE and FEAR’ and ‘XH_sand_75’. We’re super stoked because they always deliver!

Open ♭eta v6.2

The opening track is also the title track of this release. ‘LOVE and FEAR’ is a super sick rock track that has a killer intro and absolutely took my breath away. The progression is super sick and I love how heavy and dense this sounds.

I’m also really digging the styling of this music video, so definitely check it out below.

After that comes the second track ‘XH_sand_75’. This is a thirty second outro and creates a beautiful ambience.

Go ahead and listen to the single album on Spotify here.

If you’d like to revisit their previous comeback you can read about that here.

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