Unholy Blood cover art

[Webtoon] Unholy Blood

We’re back with another Webtoon feature! Today we’re reading ‘Unholy Blood‘ by Lina Im, in collaboration with Jeonghyeon Kim for the story. Fun fact, the original Korean title was ‘White Blood’, but it was changed in the official translation. It’s a supernatural/ action Webtoon about vampires in modern day Korea. The art is killer and the heroine is so awesome you’re gonna be yelling ‘YAS QUEEN’ at your screen while she crushes the baddies.

The plot

In this version of our world, vampires not only live among people, but their existence is not a secret. Hayan, our kickass protagonist, is a young woman living in an orphanage, who can’t remember her past. As a pureblood vampire, she feels it’s her duty to rid the world of these creatures. When they threaten her family and attack the orphanage, she decides she’s stayed inactive for too long.

As she gets closer to the truth, she starts to unlock her own power – together with her lost memories from 10 years ago. With the support of a star police detective, she’s going after the revenge she wants.

The verdict

I was a bit sceptical at the beginning about ‘Unholy Blood’. Mainly because I feel like it’s hard to do vampires in a cool new way that doesn’t feel derivative. No such issue here after all, thankfully. The story is very much its own thing, and it’s also progressing at a very satisfying pace.

I really enjoy the art, including the old timey tattoo style bleeding heart. The characters are so expressive and individual. Lina Im seems to have struck a brilliant balance with fight scenes’ length, which I appreciate. Not so long that you’re just hoping someone finally dies so the story can progress, nor so short that it ends up feeling underwhelming and unimpressive. It’s a difficult balance to find for action series.

Hayan is the kind of protagonist you want to root fullheartedly for. She’s strong, physically and mentally, and her resolve doesn’t waver. Through all the terrible things she’s seen, her heart has not grown darker, and her kindness has not diminished. I want Hayan to win because she truly is ‘the good guy’. I also *ultra* ship her with Euntae, but I must admit, the potential romance is just a bonus in an overall great story.

If you’re looking for a super cool action Webtoon to read, look no further. ‘Unholy Blood’ is a series that keeps outdoing itself, and you’ll be hooked in no time.

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