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[Indie Pick] Izykite

We’re back with a new Indie Pick and this time we’re flying high with indie singer-songwriter Izykite. Let’s take a closer look!


Izykite debuted in 2021 with the single ‘Belated Regret’.

The year after she came out with the four singles ‘Where is the happiness’, ‘Whenever’, ‘Promises’ and ‘Glimpse of summer’.

I love the track ‘where is the happiness’. Izykite’s vocals are stunning and warm and the guitar solo is absolutely excellent!

In 2023, Izykite released her first EP ‘I ZIP’.

She also dropped the single ‘hey‘ that year’.

Her most recent release is the single ‘Winter Love Song‘.

Go ahead and check out her full discography on Spotify here.

Also check out this cover.

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