Photo Credits: Jellyfish Entertainment

VERIVERY comes back with ‘SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL]’

VERIVERY is back with new music and a brand new era, SERIES ‘O’ , is the new title title for the new musical journey this idol group is starting. In 2020, they surprised fans with the storyline behind their FACE series.


SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL]‘ is the title of this release and it includes the title track ‘Get Away’, and the b-side ‘Numbness’.

Get Away‘ serves it mission as title track. It enchants listeners with catchy melodies, heavenly vocals and harmonization that gets better and better as the song reveals. The beat drops and the changes in tempo work fantastic in this track and had me hooked in the first listen.

The music video for this track has some very interesting shots and transitions between sets and locations. The color inversion in the party scene gives this music video a very interesting vibe that almost feels like a frenzy moment. Visually stunning.

Watch it below.

The b-side ‘Numbness‘ is a more experimental pop track with some fantastic rapping and killer falsettos. The sudden beat changes in this track make it more dynamic and 100% addictive, a BOP was born and is going straight to my hyped songs playlist.

VERIVERY delivered a very interesting single album, with songs that are memorable and a fantastic listen. Make sure to listen to this single album here.

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