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K-pop Summer Bops Part 2

The summer is well on its way so we have collected a new list of K-pop summer bops to enjoy. So get ready to listen to songs selected for you to enjoy the summer heat at the beach, pool or even in your back garden. Let’s start.


GHOST9’s latest release was packed with summer vibes and a lot of cuteness. 

Lightsum – Vanilla

Get ready to have this song stuck in your head with its catchiness. 

Brave Girls – Chi Mat Ba Ram

Brave Girls are having an amazing 2021, and blessed us with this summer bop.

Yezi – Secreto

Yezi brought the summer heat with this sensual song and its fantastic Spanish guitar. 

Hoppipolla – Let’s!

Hoppipolla gave the summer season in 2020 a wholesome turn with this heart warming single. – RUB-A-DUM

This song is just perfect to listen to while sunbathing at the pool. 

Fromis_9 – WE GO

Bright colours and its upbeat and happy feel make this song a total summer bop.

Danny Hong – Summer Jam

This is a 2021 summer gem that deserves more attention. 

DPR LIVE – Yellow Cab

Get ready for a summer road trip with this single. ‘Yellow Cab’ ticks all the boxes of a summer bop that will have you jamming to it.

Jeon Soyeon – Beam Beam

Soyeon blessed the 2021 summer season with this bop that had us wanting to go on a holiday with our besties. 

NCT DREAM – Hello Future 

Wholesomeness, chill vibes and a very colourful concept made ‘Hello Future’ a summer bop this year. Feel happy while listening to this single under the heat of the sun. 

SNSD – Holiday 

We are still not over this 2017 summer bop and we had to share it. Enjoy this summer classic.

BlackPink – Ice Cream

BlackPink’s ‘Ice Cream’ brings some coolness in the summer heat. That’s it.

TWICE – More & More

TWICE are the queens of summer bops, and we couldn’t leave this one out. 

ZICO – Summer Hate

ZICO definitely brought the summer heat in 2020 with this single. 

If you want more K-pop summer bops, you can check out our previous article filled to the brim with talent here. Remember, if you go to the beach, stay hydrated and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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