Photo Credits: Wavy

K-Cover: Colde – Love Scene

Baekhyun’s latest release ‘Bambi’ was packed with incredible R&B songs. For today’s K-cover we want to share Colde’s version for the single ‘Love Scene’ included in this release because it has an absolutely smooth vibe.

Originally written by Colde himself, ‘Love Scene’ is an R&B song with soft and heartwarming vocals. The original version includes some very low pitched and seductive singing, perfect for the vibe of this single.

This cover follows a very similar vibe, it wasn’t until I listened to this version that I realised how much of Colde’s sound and feel this song has in its original version, with a flawless flow and very chill feeling. If you haven’t checked it, make sure to watch it below.

Kathleen Herrera
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