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[Review] GHOST9 – NOW: When we are in Love

The boys from GHOST9 are back with the EP ‘NOW: When we are in Love’. We loved their previous album, so we’ve been excited to see what they have in store for us now.

NOW: When we are in Love

We start off with the ‘On and On – Intro’. We get happy synths and lovely vocals. It gets really groovy in the latter half and I’m here for it.

We slide right into the title track ‘Up All Night’. This song is a guaranteed summer bop with it’s happy sound and cheerful message. The music video is adorable and I’m really loving the summer adventure vibes.

‘Double Click’ starts with Bossa Nova inspired instrumentals mixed with a trap beat. It’s an interesting combination that is funky and catchy as hell. I enjoyed the rap verse and the ‘hey’ in the chorus. It sounds like a song you dance to in your bathroom while getting dressed.

Next up is the track ‘Trampoline’. We stay with the cheerful vibe. The synths are really cool and give us that tropical house feeling. In the track they’re comparing falling in love with jumping on a trampoline, going up and down.

‘Runaway’ tells the story of escaping from your worries wrapped in a dreamy pop R&B instrumental. I really like the deep beats that are mixed with the high synths. It makes for a very dynamic track.

We close off with the track ‘Antenna’. This mid-tempo ballad has a beautiful piano line and conveys the message of the members who want to be closer to their fans. It’s rather wholesome.

‘NOW: When we are in Love’ by GHOST9 is a cute addition to their discography. This lovely summery EP will be loved by fans for sure. You can find it on Spotify here.

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