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[Review] NCT Dream – Hello Future

The Dreamies are back with their very first repackage album ‘Hello Future‘. For this release they are including the new tracks ‘Hello Future‘, ‘Bungee‘ and ‘Life Is Still Going On‘.

The concept pictures were seriously stunning with very soft and delicate aesthetics, and the Dreamies giving us flawless visuals.

Hello Future

With a fantastic balance of vocals and rapping we get the title track ‘Hello Future‘. This song flows between hip-hop beats and a dance style. It is definitely not the typical NCT Dream title track, it has a more b-side feel to it that I really liked.

For the music video they went for a softer and very youthful concept that gave me serious hippie vibes (I absolutely loved it). The soft colors dominated in the MV and the sets and CGI were super cool. Watch it below.

The next track is ‘Bungee‘, this song is a rather groovy EDM track with some very satisfying beat drops and harmonizations. The vocal line stood out in this track, with some smooth singing and their killer high notes.

The last new track in this repackaged album is ‘Life Is Still Going On‘ with deep bass and a R&B feel to it. This time the rap-line delivered some killer verses and they absolutely owned this single. I was very impressed by Jisung’s smooth rapping. The talent!

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