Photo Credits: SM Entertainment / MELON

SUHO Teases Upcoming Mini-Album with the Single ‘Cheese’ Feat. Red Velvet’s Wendy

SUHO is back with a lovely indie rock-inspired track, ‘Cheese,’ featuring Red Velvet’s Wendy, ahead of his upcoming third mini-album.

With this single SUHO is coming back with a lovely indie rock inspired track packed in incredible singing, harmonies and a very captivating rhythm that had us jamming to it. This song develops with a rather nostalgic feel to it and incredible instrumentals that are the cherry on top.

The music video enhances the song’s charm with retro vibes, stunning aesthetics, and a playful touch of cheese. Get mesmerised by the visuals and let the nostalgia wash over you.

As we eagerly await SUHO’s upcoming third mini-album, enjoy this delightful single. Listen to ‘Cheese’ here.

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