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[Review] Soundtrack #2

In this edition of our drama review, we delve into the much-anticipated sequel to the beloved 2022 series, ‘Soundtrack #1’. Brace yourselves as we explore the emotional rollercoaster that is ‘Soundtrack #2’.

A Story of Reunion and Redemption

Written by Jung Hye-seung and directed by Choi Jung-kyu and Kim Hee-won, ‘Soundtrack #2’ unfolds the story of two former lovers whose paths cross again through their work in the music industry.

Do Hyun Seo (Geum Sae Rok) and Ji Soo Ho (Steve Noh) shared a passionate relationship that lasted six years, only to end abruptly without proper closure. Despite the unresolved emotions, both have moved on with their lives—Soo Ho is now a successful CEO in the music industry, while Hyun Seo works tirelessly as a piano teacher to make ends meet.

Their worlds collide once more when Hyun Seo is hired to collaborate with rising music star Kei (DEMIAN), who quickly becomes infatuated with her and is open about his feelings.

A Tense Collaboration

The story takes a compelling turn when Hyun Seo agrees to move in with Kei and Soo Ho at Soo Ho’s suggestion, apparently to keep an eye on both the singer and the piano teacher. This living arrangement heightens the tension between the ex-lovers, exacerbated by Soo Ho’s discovery of the real reason behind their breakup six years ago and Kei’s transparent romantic interest in Hyun Seo.

As Hyun Seo navigates the complexities of her renewed interactions with Soo Ho and Kei’s persistent advances, she is also confronted with Soo Ho’s health issues and her own personal dilemmas.

With the impending release of their music collaboration, Hyun Seo and Soo Ho are forced to confront their lingering feelings and the haunting memories of their past relationship. Will they find a way to reconcile and reignite their love, or will the differences that once drove them apart continue to stand in their way?

Nostalgic and Heartfelt

‘Soundtrack #2’ is a narrative rich with nostalgic and candid moments. It beautifully explores themes of lingering emotions and the possibility of rekindled love between two characters who once meant everything to each other but were separated by life’s inevitable challenges. The chemistry between the lead actors and the heartfelt storytelling make this drama a must-watch.

This enchanting sequel is available on Disney Plus. Be sure to watch the trailer below and immerse yourself in the touching journey of Hyun Seo and Soo Ho.

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