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[Review] SUHO – 1 to 3

EXO’s SUHO is back with new music in their third mini-album ‘1 to 3’, just last week he pre-released the single ‘Cheese’ featuring RED VELVET’s WENDY, and giving a little glimpse to fans on his new work.

We are super excited about this mini-album, let’s check it out!

1 to 3

Mayday‘ opens up this mini-album with a genre the album description describes as psychedelic alternative rock, we can definitely say that sound wise this track is one of a kind, and leans slightly towards early 90s soft-rock. Definitely and excellent start.

The title song ‘1 to 3‘ plays next with disco-funk-rock sound and fantastic bass riffs. This song is a super sick listen, refreshing but retro, and a total new territory for SUHO as an artist. Absolutely legendary.

The music video takes viewers to the outer space, with incredible visuals and graphics. The lights, effect and camera work are absolutely flawless. Watch it below.

Next up is the pre-release song ‘Cheese‘ with its unique charm and lovely vocals, we already wrote about this single. Check it here. ‘Wishful Thinking‘ is next with an alternative rock rhythm and amazing guitar instrumentals. The vocal layering in this song is fantastic and the band absolutely rocked it.

This release goes into the indie rock route with ‘Moonlight‘, in contrast with its predecessors this song is a lot more cheerful and lighthearted, with passionate singing, a lot of soul, and a lovely ukulele.

Featuring Giriboy, the single ‘Alright Alright‘ is next with a funky rock rhythm and groovy tunes. This single’s vibe is a lot more trendy and seasonal, and it feels like the perfect fit for a beach themed movie; and the contrast of the rapping and vocals made it even more interesting.

We reach the end of this mini album with ‘Zero Gravity‘, leaning on the acoustic side with very pretty instrumental and soft singing that mark the ideal end for a colourful and very soulful release.

SUHO definitely surprised us with this mini album, his solo releases keep getting more diverse and we loved the sound and vibe he is going for. Listen to this EP here.

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