Photo Credits: JYP Entertianment

NEXZ Debuts with Unique Sound in ‘Ride the Vibe’

JYP Entertainment’s latest boy group NEXZ has just debuted with the single album ‘Ride the Vibe’.

This global boy group was formed through the survival show, Nizi Project Season 2, and consists of TomoyaYuHaruSo GeonSeitaHyui, and Yuki. Let’s dive into what this rookie group has prepared for their debut release.

The title track ‘Ride the Vibe‘ kicks-off this release with a captivating melody, progressing with R&B/lo-fi and Hip-Hop/EDM beats. This single’s sound is one of kind and super smooth, definitely a unique concept for a first release. They really capture listeners with a fantastic mixing, and great blend of vocals and rapping that flow seamlessly with the beats.

The music video for this single complements the aesthetic of the song, featuring visuals that highlight the refreshing concept this group is going for, along with a great performance and excellent camera work. Check it out below.

Bass takes over in ‘Starlight,’ playing with an alternative yet unique sound that leaves a strong impression. The beat changes and musical evolution in this song are amazing, with harmonies and great vocals that add to the charm of this R&B track.

NEXZ definitely started their career strong, with two unique singles showcasing the charm and talent of this rookie group. Listen to this release here.

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