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September Korean Hip-Hop & R&B Diskovery

We discover plenty of new and underrated artists during September, and we want to share their latest releases and the reasons why you should add them to your playlist. Let’s start.

Zoey is a new find for us, her single ‘Trust Issues’ featuring Samuel Seo opened up September with a smooth sound and soft singing. She debuted back in 2019, and her music needs more listeners.

Here is her Spotify, and follow her on Instagram here

With an underground Hip-Hop vibe, and dope flow, Street Baby released their first self-titled album. The vibe, sound and collabs in this release are amazing, and if you are a fan of underground movement, this release is worth checking out. 

Here is his Instagram, and check out his releases here

The producer Bayb released the single ‘Freedom’ featuring Owen, he is also a brand new discovery and this is his only release on Spotify, however, he has been working on the behind the scenes for PNation. 

For more of his projects check his Instagram, and find this single here.

Choo and BZBZ+ released the single ‘Skr Skr Skr’ featuring Skinny Brown, and this single has a vibe, it has the YOLO feel and not many people have listened to this bop. Check it below.

Check his Instagram here, and listen to this collab here

SOQI is a new artist and a new discovery, his first EP ‘Time Traveler’ is full of awesome collabs, and I absolutely loved the sound, I can totally see other Hip-Hop and R&B artist collabing with this producers, so you better keep an eye on his Instagram here.

You can listen to all his releases here.  

Marldn is you.will.knovv latest artist, and he released the EP ‘Boneless’. If you are into lo-fi beats, and immaculate and chill vibes, this extended play is a must listen. 

Check his Instagram here, and listen to this EP here

Konsole has been in the hip-hop industry for a while but we just discovered his music. His latest release is the EP ‘aura’, and has a very alternative and edgy but cool sound. 

Dive into his releases here

Indie artists Swimgood and Clavita released the album ‘CHILDING’, and the mix of sound in the release is awesome, very trendy and fun to listen to. We got serious R&N meets electro-pop vibes with this release and it is TOP. 

Listen to this album here, and follow Clavita here

Gari was one of our favourites discoveries of the month, her single ‘KKONDAE’ is fun, chill, and we loved her style. She also has been in the industry for a while, and her previous releases are worth checking out.

Follow her Instagram here, and check her releases here

Hitting the Hip-Hop scene since 2021 the hip-hop trio TEAM NY, released the single ‘OUTSIDE’. This is not the first release we have listened to by them, but the old-school style of this single totally got us diving into the rest of their releases. 

Follow them on Instagram here, and join the listening party here

Closing this month we found Neulbo and his album ‘Ready or Not’. The features, sound and flow of this release is TOP tier, and the art for the cover, absolutely stunning. Listen to this release here. 

Here is his Instagram.

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