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[Review] iKON – TAKE OFF

The wait is finally over! iKON is back with their third full album with a new agency and their usual swag and unique style. It’s has been a couple of years single their last album, and we are definitely looking forward to this album.

Let’s dive in!


The title track ‘U‘ starts off this release on a refreshing, sweet and romantic note, this single is very cheerful and shows off a more playful and bright of iKON, a total summer bop with sweet vocals and awesome rapping. The music video as the track is fun, adventurous and of cool and fresh visuals, all the members look like they are having a blast, and makes it even better. Check it below.

The pre-release single ‘Tantara‘ follows up, we already share our thoughts on this single, check it here. Starting with traditional Korean music instrumentation and a great mix of beats ‘RUM PUM PUM‘ takes over, and with this one we go more experimental and vibey, the bridge in the track is surprising and unexpected, and its built up just amazing.

Softer vibes and acoustic guitar move along this release in ‘Like a Movie‘, iKON’s vocal line pops off in this single and gives it all, Jay, DK, June, Song and Chan delivered all the feels in this song, and it is totally stunning to listen to.

Driving Slowly‘ come sup next with summery vibes and a very easy to listen composition, this track is very chill, and we get BOBBY’s melodic rapping and a chill flow.


We reach half way with ‘Never Forget You‘, this single is emotional, with passional vocals and instrumentation. The feels get real in this song with DK, JUNE, Jay and Song reaching peak in the bridge. The power of this song is just fantastic. With ‘All The Way Here‘, iKON shares a more trendy and fresh sound, with a very cool guitar riff, and EDM built up that make this single a total vibey club banger.

In this release we get also three members’ solo single starting with Song and his single ‘FIGHTING‘, he goes the trot way with this song and even though is a very surprising mix is very much on brand with his persona. This genre is AMAZING for his vocal tone, and he delivers in every second of it, we are definitely excited to see how this trot single will be received by fans who aren’t familiar with the genre.

Next up is DK with ‘Kiss Me‘, he goes in with sexy rock and roll, airy vocals and an amazing composition. This single is fantastic and the beat drops very satisfying to listen to, this song shows a Donghyuk we haven’t listened to before and it is incredible.

Closing this release is JUNE’s solo ‘Want You Back‘, this single is all about vocals, groovy feels and very pretty orchestration. As we expected his raspy vocal tone adds a very interesting factor to this song and makes it even better. A perfect ending for this amazing album.

As an iKONIC I am thrilled to listen to iKON’s music once more, this third album is definitely a new beginning for them, and they definitely delivered an impactful, musically diverse, and very unique release.

Check this non-skip release here.

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