Photo Credits: SM Entertainment

NCT Dream is nostalgic in ‘Broken Melodies’

NCT Dream is back and this time they are teasing their upcoming third album with the pre-release single ‘Broken Melodies‘.

As if the dreamies discography couldn’t get eve more diverse, this time they surprised fans with a soft pop-rock single with a lot on nostalgia, and their unmatched talent. ‘Broken Melodies’ is a vocally rich song with beautiful melodies, all the members shine in this single, but Chenle’s high note left us totally speechless, overall this concept is the perfect match for NCT Dream.

For the music video we get a lot of soft and natural visuals, this production mixes a vintage concept with modern elements and adorable effects. The stills, self-recording, shots are beyond stunning. Watch it below.

Listen to this single here.

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