[Review] Kim Jae Hwan – J.A.M (Journey Above Music)

Kim Jae Hwan is back with his sixth mini-album and a new musical journey. With ‘J.A.M (Journey Above Music)’, he wants to diversify his sound and style even more with fresh music and a very colourful concept.

The previews looked amazing, let’s get right into it and listen to the tracks.

J.A.M (Journey Above Music)

The title track ‘Lucky‘ featuring Bobby kicks off this release with groove. This Funk-based single had us jamming from the get go with the amazing instrumentals and fun sound. This track is fun, fresh, and the perfect summer listen. As if it couldn’t get any better, the music video is all about fun, dance, saturated colours and the summer concept having its comeback.

Watch it below.

My Ocean‘ comes up next to give us heavy first gen kpop group vibes, this single is summery, exciting and very cute, and the synth line is pure perfection. Funk follows along in ‘Champagne‘ with a killer bass and impressive vocalisation, the urban style in this single is very refreshing and goes perfect with the seasonal concept of this release.

We get a lovely R&B break and a touch of trap in ‘Sleep‘, this single includes a more serious tone and rather dark charm. The saxophone solo, riff, and vocal tone are fantastic.

Daylight‘ brings R&B and Soul to life, with a delicate and comforting arrangement, the ad-libs in this single are incredible, the feels get real in this track. Closing this mini-album is ‘Spring Break‘ adding the alternative pop vibes and a very interesting mix of sounds. A very cool end.

Kim Jae Hwan indeed started a new musical journey, and this mini-album takes listeners through a fantastic storytelling through music, with rich sounds and incredible singing. Make sure to listen to this release here.

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