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[Review] The Childe

We’re back with a new film review and this time we watched the 2023 Korean film ‘The Childe’. Let’s take a closer look!

The Childe

‘The Childe’ is the latest project of writer and director Park Hoon-Jung who is also responsible for ‘The Witch‘ film series, ‘Night in Paradise’ and ‘V.I.P.’. That means we’re guaranteed for a good time.

The movie contains starpower like Kim Sun-Ho, Go Ara, Kang Tae-Ju and Kim Kang Woo.


We follow our main character Marco (Kang Tae-Ju) as he balances boxing, earning money with less common pursuits and taking care of his sick mother. Marco is born to a Korean father and a Filipino mom. The Korean father has been gone ages and Marco is trying to find him to get help to pay for his mother’s surgery.

One day, a couple of lawyers show up because his father wants him to visit him in Korea. When on the plane, a stranger comes to introduce himself to Marco. Kim Sun-Ho portrays the hired assassin who uses the moniker ‘The Nobleman’.

For Marco it’s difficult to distinguish between friends or foe and it makes for a thrilling ride.


‘The Childe’ is a really fun film filled with cool action shots and lots and lots of running scenes. Fans of the genre will be delighted with this movie, while fans of the actors will also get their fill.

It’s a fun way to spend two hours, so definitely give ‘The Childe’ a chance.

Watch the trailer below.

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