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[Review] aespa – Armageddon

aespa is back with their first full length album ‘Armageddon’. These girl group under SM Entertainment took the music charts by storm only a couple of weeks ago with their pre-release single ‘Supernova’, and has since then won music shows and earned millions of streams.

Since their debut aespa has established themselves and hitmakers, and we are excited to check what they have prepared. Let’s dive in!


The pre-release single ‘Supernova’ opens up this release, setting the mood and welcoming listeners into the aespa world. This track hits hard and we are still obsessed, we have dedicated a full feature to this single, check it here.

Armageddon‘ comes up next, this song is the title track of this album and further expands their sound and discography. The hip-hop beats, synth, bass and heave old-school vibes make this song really stand out, with smooth beat changes, incredible harmonies, vocals and sick beat drops. The music video only adds more to the vibes with insane visuals effects, and and amazing concept that open the door to a new era in their career.

Hip-Hop beats move along this album in ‘Set The Tone‘, the hype in this track is fantastic, its full arrangement is super trendy and shows off a more urban and edgy sound of this group. ‘Mine‘ keeps the deep bass and flow of this release but with the addition a dreamy vocals that add an mysterious and vibey layer to this song.

Electric guitar takes over in the dance single ‘Licorice‘, the trap beat mixed with the instrumental make this track a sick listen, and the members’ vocals and rapping only make this song cooler as it plays.

A New Era

Summer vibes come along in ‘BAHAMA‘, this single is super sweet and cheerful, it definitely feels like a lighter version of ‘Better Things’, but with an even dreamier vibe to it and a lot of charm.

This album take a more experimental pop turn in ‘Long Chat (#♥)‘, the energy, melody and flawless ad-libs are fantastic, as it predecessor this single moves on the lighter and sweeter side of aespa’s music but keeps their vocal power.

Rhythmic synth open up ‘Prologue‘ and develops into a pop single with a great vocal flow and lyrics that are pure comfort for the listeners. ‘Live My Life‘ adds the pop-punk twist to this album with amazing instrumental and solid singing.

We reach the end of this album with ‘Melody‘, the piano instrumentals and soft core in this single are stunning to listen song, with a very delicate tone to it and a lot of soul. The perfect end for this album.

aespa’s ‘Armageddon‘ is a total non-skip, the music in this album is amazing, and listeners get diverse genres for every taste with strong vocals. Enjoy this listening trip here.

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