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[Review] Citizen of a Kind

We’re back with a new film review and this time we watched ‘Citizen of a Kind’.

This 2024 film, written and directed by Park Young-Joo, left us with a warm heart and a feeling that even the smallest person can have a massive impact.


Deok-hee, played by Ra Mi-Ran, was the victim of voice phishing and lost her entire life’s savings to the scammer. The police is no help and while she’s struggling she even loses custody over her children and they’re taken away to foster care.

When she gets a call back from the scammer, it’s with helpful news this time as the scammer himself is also a victim. Jae Min, played by Gong Myung, was in his own money troubles and was promised a large sum while doing some work in China. However, once there he was kept captive and forced to make scam calls.

With his tips, Deok-hee goes to the police first but after discovering they’re not jumping for joy to help, she decides to go herself. Luckily two of her co-workers from the laundromat will come with her.


‘Citizen of a Kind’ is based on a the true story of a woman who was scammed and travelled to China herself.

I enjoyed the friendship Deok-hee has with her co-workers. Yum Hye-Ran and Jang Yoon-ju are always a delight to watch.

This film is definitely worth a watch!

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