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NCT’s rapper, leader, dancer and visual TAEYONG (aka. TY) dropped his first mini-album ‘SHALALA’.

Taeyong has previously released a couple of singles including the iconic ‘Long Flight’ in 2019 and ‘Love Theory‘ featuring Wonstein just last year. As a soloist, he has always shared his unique colours and sound, surprising fans with every song. The previes for this mini-album looked incredible, and Taeyong was involved very in the creative process and full production.

We are excited to listen to what he has prepared. Let’s dive right into it.


Rhythmic percussion and hip-hop begin this mini-album in ‘SHALALA‘, this song is the title track and leaves a very strong impression as soon as it plays. The mix of beats, rapping and sectioning is rather experimental and very unique, a very fun listen that along with its music video it becomes. trippy experience.

For the MV, we get over the top aesthetics that scream Kpop, this production is colourful to the core, with elaborated sets, styling, and some fantastic and smooth dance moves. Watch it below and get ready to be mesmerised.

On a complete different vibe ‘GWANDO‘ adds the pop/rock touch to this mini-album, this single is full of soft vocalisation, melodic rapping, and lovely back vocals. Featuring Red Velvet’s WENDY ‘Move Mood Mode‘ follows up with a charming arrangement and contrast of tones. This track is groovy and soft, and shows a Taeyong we haven’t listen to before.


With intense bass and killer verses ‘Virtual Insanity‘ brings back the experimental vibe, this single goes off and delivers a sick mix of beats, and a lot of hype. The build up for the bridge was fantastic, and the addition of instrumental in some section added a unique contrast in this track.

Things get wholesome in ‘RUBY‘, a song about TY’s wrote for her family dog, who passed in 2020. This single is a mix of emotions wrapped in a mix of pop and hip-hop rhythms, and listeners can feel it just with his tone. Absolutely beautiful.

404 File Not Found‘ comes along to keep the emotions going with Taeyong’s raw and unique rapping, along with a guitar accompaniment, and a progression that takes us through the feels with its continuous changes. This track is a unique listen, with a lot to take in and a lot of honesty too.

We reach the end of this mini-album with ‘Back to the Past‘, it’s old-school hip-hop feel, and a fantastic instrumental line. This single wraps up this release exquisitely, with retro nostalgia and Taeyong totally killing it in every single verse. An epic closing.

TY’s first EP is all we imagined, is diverse, experimental, full of his unique colours, and an amazing listen. Enjoy this musical trip here.

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