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[Review] Call It Love

Family and revenge are the topics for this week’s review. We are talking about a production that dives into complex family dynamics, and unexpected feelings arising from revenge schemes. Let’s talk about ‘Call It Love’.

Written by Kim Ga-Eun and directed by Lee Gwang-Young and Kim Ji-Yeon, ‘Call It Love’ shares the story of a family that is broken apart after the father leaves when he falls in love with another woman. 

Sim Woo-Joo’s (Lee Sung-Kyung) life has not been the same since the day she discovered her father was cheating on her mother. On the same day she caught them, her father also decided to leave their household, and take valuable things along with him. 

As an adult Woo-Joo has had a rather sad life, always thinking about that day. Her father passes away and she decides to show-up at his service to humiliate his mistress, and let everyone know what they did. 

Tables turn when Woo-joo’s father’s wife tells her that she and her siblings need to leave the house, forcing her family to leave the place he grew-up and call home since they were born. 

Seeking revenge

Woo-Joo starts to plan her revenge and ruin what her father’s mistress cares about the most. That’s when she meets Kim Young-Kwang (Han Song-Jin), who is the son of the mistress. She then plans to ruin him, as a way to avenge her family’s misery. 

Young-Kwang on his side has become a workaholic, he has focused on his career and has become a rather lonely person. When Woo-Joo arrives at his company, he becomes curious about her, and her very unique way of doing things and her straightforward personality. 

Woo-Joo and Young-Kwang end up bonding over small things they see similarly, he had rather sad life because of his mother and her narcissistic personality, while she has suffered, due to her father’s lies and abandonment. 

Together, they start a healing journey without noticing it, realising that the life they had missed many important things. And maybe in the embrace of each other they might be able to find happiness. 

Call It Love

Call It Love’ is a slow burn drama with a touch of healing. The characters’ development goes slowly but steadily, and we definitely get to see Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-kwang in a completely different light with their performance. 

This production is available on Disney+, and you can watch the trailer below.

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