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[Review] Taeyong – TAP

NCT’s Taeyong is back with his second mini-album ‘TAP’. We are still jamming to ‘SHALALA‘, and we were definitely looking forward to this release. Let’s get right into it and check what he has prepared!


Opening this release is the title track ‘TAP‘ bringing in some charming tune with a hip-hop twist, this single is super witty and fun, showing a very charming and vibey Taeyong. The music video takes viewers on a very colourful trip, he goes on an adventure and delivers his clean visuals and a totally killer performance.

Moon Tour‘ follows up with an alternative R&B sound and a very dreamy arrangement that makes the rapping and vocals standout. This single is a very unique and pretty listen, even though its pace in not really slow it does have vibe that feel warm and soft.

We move to a more rock-driven style with ‘Run Away‘, the changes of pace and mixing in this song are fantastic. The way his vocal tone changes throughout this single is super dope and the electric guitar and drums were definitely the cherry on TOP!

Taeyong’s core comes along in ‘APE‘ and we absolutely love how this single is SO him in every single second. Super experimental beats and sick rapping are the main characters, and deliver a SOLID b-side.

Ups & Downs‘ follow next with lo-fi beats and pretty singing. The low and very smooth tones in this single are absolutely stunning, and its flow is refreshingly beautiful, unique and rather sentimental.

Closing this release is ‘404 Loading‘, starting off with a very cool bass, and an amazing build-up, the drop for the chorus is definitely the peak moment in this single, very satisfying and incredible to listen to. The passion and intensity of is singing go perfect with the vibe of this song and make it a memorable end for a fantastic release!

Taeyong delivered a SOLID mini-album, that was very much him, but at the same time it included unexpected twists and turns that made it very unique. Dive into this amazing listen here.

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