After a hiatus, former (G)I-DLE member SOOJIN is making a triumphant return to the music industry as a solo artist. Her debut mini-album, titled ‘AGASSY,’ is a testament to her unique talents and charms.

The teasers leading up to this release were nothing short of stunning, offering a glimpse of an ethereal, classy, and breathtaking visual concept. The anticipation for the music was high, and now it’s time to explore what ‘AGASSY’ has to offer.


The album opens on a high note with ‘Flowering’, featuring charming and almost magical acoustics. SOOJIN’s breathy vocals and beautiful instrumentation create a captivating atmosphere that sets the bar high for the rest of the album.

The title track, ‘AGASSY’, follows with a delicate classic oriental instrumentation that showcases superb mixing. This single’s progression is remarkably pretty, with SOOJIN’s soft vocals adding a unique charm. The blend of beats and acoustics enhances the song’s beauty, making it truly special.

The accompanying music video is equally captivating, featuring stunning shots of a determined SOOJIN set against backgrounds inspired by oriental art and scenery. The fusion of classic and contemporary visuals is eye-catching and adds an extra layer of appeal to the title track.

‘Sunflower’ adds a jazzy touch to the mini-album with a stunning piano instrumentation, incredible vocal layering, and a groovy tempo that’s perfect for jamming. Next up is ‘TyTy’, taking an unexpected turn with an EDM-based tempo that adds a surprising alternative element to the release, making it even cooler.

With a more pop-R&B tempo, ‘SUNSET’ enchants with flawless vocalization, smooth high notes, and a soft tempo that offers comfort, making it an ideal listen after a hectic day.

The release closes with an emotional crescendo in ‘bloodredroses,’ a fantastic end to the album. With instrumental pauses, breathy vocals, and a delicate conclusion, this track leaves a lasting impact.

SOOJIN’s solo debut in ‘AGASSY’ successfully showcases her unique charm and talent, fulfilling the expectations of fans and music enthusiasts alike. Enjoy this lovely release here.