Photo Credits: C-JeS STUDIO

WHIB debuts with ‘Cut-Out’

WHIB is the latest debut under CJeS Entertainment, featuring members Jayder, Haseung, Jinbeom, UGeon, Leejeong, Jaeha, Inhong, and Wonjun. The group has made their debut with their first single album, introducing two exciting title tracks that mark the beginning of their idol career.

“BANG!” is the lead track of their debut release, delivering an alternative pop sound that seamlessly incorporates elements from various genres while maintaining a unique core identity. This single exudes the aura of the “cool kids,” featuring catchy whistling, harmonies, and trendy tunes. The music video for this song complements its rebellious spirit with cool dance sequences and striking visuals, immersing us in an angsty parallel reality. Dive into this cinematic piece below.

“DIZZY” serves as the second title track of this release, having been pre-released the week prior to build anticipation for their debut. This song is a cheerful, up-beat number with infectious beats that exude vibrant energy. Its refreshing sound is sure to lift your spirits.

WHIB has just started their journey in the music industry, and are looking forward to see whats next for them. Listen to this release here.

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