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[Review] Recalled

We’re back with a review, this time we’re writing about the 2021 film ‘Recalled’. We spoke about this film in our podcast about Movies of the first half of 2021 which you can check out here

This movie stars big names like  Seo Yea-ji, Kim Kang-woo and Yeom Hye-ran. Seo Yoo-min wrote and directed ‘Recalled’.


After an accident Soo-Jin has lost her memory. Soo-Jin is portrayed by Seo Yea-ji and she does an incredibly good job portraying a woman who is quite lost. She doesn’t really remember anything. 

She’s supported by her husband Ji-hoon. Kim Kang-woo does an excellent job. You might know him from movies like ‘High Society’ and ‘The Vanished’. He takes care of her and tries to arrange their relocation to Canada. 

However, after they leave the hospital and go back to their apartment, Soo-Jin starts to see flashes of the future. She tries to help, but the people surrounding her only seem to humour her rather than actually believing her. 

There’s also a police investigation going on as someone went missing after committing fraud. 

I can’t really say a whole lot more without ruining the plot for you. The less you know about the plot, the better actually.


‘Recalled’ is an incredibly cool film. The psychological thriller will have you on the edge of your seat. 

The line between reality and imagination is very thin. I really like what they did with the cinematography. The acting is on point and you never know who to trust or who to root for. Every ten minutes you’ll be cheering on someone else, not knowing where the story will take you, that just means that the script is extremely well written. 

If you enjoy movies like ‘Memento’ definitely give this one a try. It’s dope. Usually I’m not really a fan of the whole ‘amnesia’ plot, but this one definitely convinced me otherwise.

You can watch the trailer below.

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