[Review] Queenmaker

Let’s talk about the latest Netflix series ‘Queenmaker’. The series came out in the middle of April so we were right on it, once it was released.

‘Queenmaker’ was directed by Oh Jin-Seok who was also responsible for ‘My First First Love’ and ‘My Sassy Girl’. The script was written by Moon Ji-Young. 


We follow our main character Hwang Do-Hee, wonderfully portrayed by Kim Hee-Ae who blew everyone away during ‘The World Of The Married’. Hwang Do-Hee is a General Manager of the big Eunseung Group, a big conglomerate. She’s basically in charge of cleaning up the PR messes the family members make to protect the name of the company. 

Son Young-Sim (Seo Yi-Sook) is the current head and has been training Hwang for the last 2 decades. She’s cold, ruthless and is very much a believer of ‘the means justify the ends’. 

Hwang’s latest clean up job ends in an unexpected result and leaves her an emotional wreck. She starts seeing the horrible truth about the family she’s working for and decides to quit. 

Oh Kyung-Sook has been a thorn in the Eunsung Group’s side for a hot minute. She’s a lawyer and a very active activist and truly wants to help people out. Oh is portrayed by Moon So-Ri and is equally as brilliant.

The son-in-law of Son Young-Sim wants to become the mayor of Seoul and because Hwang Do-Hee really wants to stop the entire family from gaining more power, she decides to run the campaign for Oh Kyung-Sook to make her the mayor. 


It’s a series filled with political drama and a lot of backstabbing. I absolutely loved all of the powerful women in ‘Queenmaker’. The drama is only 11 episodes long and I feel like it would have been better with an extra episode or two. I felt like we could get a better grip on Hwang’s character if we’d had some extra background information or even more scenes with her ex-husband to really flesh out his character as well. 

I had some issues with believing Hwang’s sudden remorse about her role. You’d think after so many years that she’d break herself free from the company earlier. Regardless, I do hope a second season is coming because they really set that up in the last couple of minutes. 

Watch the trailer below.

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