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The girls from Le Sserafim are back and this time they’re releasing their first full-length album ‘UNFORGIVEN’. Let’s take a closer look because my expectations are sky high!


The first three tracks are remakes of already released tracks. We get the 2023 versions of ‘The World is my Oyster’, ‘FEARLESS’ and ‘BLUE FLAME’.

They also added the following tracks ‘The Hydra’, ‘ANTIFRAGILE’ and ‘Impurities’ which were on the 2022 EP ‘ANTIFRAGILE‘.

‘Burn the bridge’ is the first new track of the album. They released this track as the trailer for hte album a couple of weeks ago.

‘UNFORGIVEN’ featuring Nile Rodgers is the title track of the album. The track samples the OST for the Western film ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ which explains the Western theme of the music video. I like this song a lot! It’s funky, has some hip-hop influences and the guitar is masterfully played by Nile Rodgers. This feels like the new contemporary sound of K-pop.

Next up is ‘No-Return (Into the unknown)’. We’re going disco pop and this is the perfect start for the warmer season. It’s fun, playful and I love the lyrics. I’m also always up for a dope brass section.

‘Eve, Psyche & Bluebeard’s Wife’ is a total club banger. This begs for a club night with all of your girlfriends. I like the insertions of the ‘I’m a mess’ from their previous album trailer.

The following track is ‘FEARNOT (Between you, me and the lamppost)’. This rock ballad is beautiful and I enjoyed how the vocals still have a lot of power. All of the members helped write the lyrics. ‘FEARNOT’ is a track for the fandom.

‘FLASH FOWARD’ is an easy-listening pop track that will leave you with a bunch of serotonin. The title of the track references the film technique where they show scenes of the future.

The closing track is ‘Fire in the belly’. We’re going Latin Pop for this one. This way we can close off the album with a little dance moment. This is fire.

Overall, ‘UNFORGIVEN’ by Le Sserafim brings a lot of great and new tracks to the discography of this group.

You can find the album on Spotify here.

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