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BTOB is back to wow us with their latest mini-album ‘WIND AND WISH’. Let’s dive right in!


We start off with the title track ‘WIND AND WISH’. This acoustic pop ballad has a great flow and some great harmonisations. I love it! The rap verses were a great addition. That little harmony moment just before the bridge had me in goosebumps.

‘Heaven’ is a synth pop track that has a lot of acoustic influences. I love the balance between the high registers and the lower ones. This is such a beautiful track. The adlibs are honestly next level and I truly believed that love is like heaven.

The following track is something else entirely. ‘DAY&NIGHT’ is a dance pop track with a groovy bass in the backing track. This is such a fun single, I dig it. Get your groove on folks!

We’re staying with the groove but going more towards funk with ‘Moon Ride’ with some retro synths. The guitar solo is insane and I’m absolutely loving it. What a vibe!

‘Your Love’ closes this mini off with a groovy pop ballad. There’s some really cool guitars in the backing track. I reallly like the flow of the chorus and how easy it is to sing along to. The adlibs are stunning and overall this is just a really nice track!

With ‘WIND AND WISH’ the boys from BTOB prove once again that they’re not just a ballad group. They’re super well rounded and this mini absolutely sounds like it.

Go ahead and listen to the mini on Spotify here.

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