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[Review] P1Harmony – Harmony : All In

The boys from P1Harmony are back with their latest mini-album ‘Harmony : All In’. Let’s dive right in!

Harmony : All In

We start off with the title track ‘Jump’. This is a super fun, dance track that has an insanely catchy chorus. This begs to sing along to. I absolutely love it! The rap verses are absolute fire!

‘Love Me For Me’ comes up next. This is a hip hop track with such an interesting instrumentation! The piano is great and I really thought they were going jazzy for a moment. We always love a self-love moment.

After that we get ‘New Classic’. I’m really digging this track. It’s fun, the sample sounds are awesome and well placed. The rap is sick and I really enjoyed the repetitions in the chorus. The dance break is insane!

‘More Than Words’ is an Afrobeat track with some very dreamy synths. The track focuses a bit more on the vocals and even has some lovely harmonizing. This is absolutely lovely!

‘Heartbeat Drum’ brings the beat back. This pop dance moment really leaves an impression. I love the grand feeling of it. The chanting is dope!

The closing track is ‘I Am You’. We’re going R&B for this one with a lovely acoustic guitar in the backing track. I would really love to hear a live version of this. I bet it would definitely tug at your heartstrings.

You can find ‘Harmony : All In’ by P1Harmony on Spotify here.

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